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Mac & Jack’s Brewing Company Informs Beverage Management Students

WSU students in Jim Harbour’s beverage management class literally tasted knowledge during a special visit from Mac Rankin, cofounder of Mac & Jack’s Brewing Company. Known as the godfather of craft brewing throughout the Pacific Northwest, Rankin poured small samples of his company’s most successful beer varieties while sharing his best business practices with future beverage professionals. » More ...

Panelists Discuss Career Opportunities for Women in Underrepresented Fields

Just as in many of the STEM fields, women are underrepresented in the fields of finance, entrepreneurship, and management information systems (FEM). To provide WSU’s female students with information about the great career opportunities available in FEM fields, the Carson College of Business hosted a panel of seven successful women professionals to share their stories on taking charge of their own career success in various FEM sectors. » More ...

Hoops Taxation Institute Hosts Tax Expert Thomas Neubig

Never was there a more opportune time to offer WSU students an opportunity to learn about the economic and political issues affecting major federal tax reform than in late November 2017, a few weeks before Congress passed the most sweeping tax overhaul in the past three decades. Charged with the mission of promoting the importance and understanding of tax theory and current tax issues, the Hoops Institute of Taxation Research and Policy hosted guest speaker Thomas Neubig, founding member of the Tax Sage Network, to discuss economic and political issues and tradeoffs involved in tax reform. » More ...

Ph.D Corner – Director’s Message

Dear friends,

As we wind down the semester, our doctoral candidates displayed their research presentation skills during the 3 Minute Thesis Competition (3MT®), an annual research communication competition sponsored by the WSU Office of the Provost. Students have three minutes and just one slide to present a concise, compelling summary of their thesis, explaining its significance to a non-specialist audience. Each college holds its own challenge, with the winners advancing to the University competition March 28.

This year, six students competed from the following disciplines, with Yaou Hu taking first place and the People’s Choice Award in the Carson College:

Hospitality Business Management

Yaou Hu: (1st Place – $1,000 prize/People’s Choice Award – $500 prize) Dissertation title: Reexamining Relationship Marketing in Service Context: The Role of Customers’ Attitude Toward Relationship Marketing
Ruiying Cai: (Runner Up – $500 prize) Dissertation title: The Effects of Color Brightness of Food Picture on Consumers’ Food Evaluations and Purchase Intention

Operations Management

Aishajiang Aizezikali: Dissertation title: Pricing Decision Support Heuristics for Small Enterprises with Perishable Assets


Guanzhong Pan: Dissertation title: Pre-Announcement Premium
Yoshiki Shimizu: Dissertation title: Back to the Futures: When Short Selling is Banned


Scott Connors: (Runner Up – $500 prize) Dissertation title: Fostering and Leveraging Consumer Brand Relationships: A Psychological Distance Perspective


I am also proud to report we have three top placements so far from this year’s graduating class; in fact, we have our first “aspirant” placement in about a decade (Ivey Business School). You will see these listed on the Ph.D. Corner webpage, along with a profile on Ismail Karabas, a marketing doctoral candidate, who received the 2017 Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award. Karabas was recognized for capturing students’ attention in an engaging way and for his overall approachability. Learn more about our outstanding doctoral students and programs in the August edition of eDividend.

Chuck Munson, Ph.D. Program Director