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Mycah Harrold: Doctoral Candidate Studies How Social Norms Influence Women’s Purchases

Doctoral Student Mycah Harrold looked at how identifying as feminist influenced women’s purchases of beauty-related products. The findings were surprising: Women who identified as feminists placed more value—and spent more—on items such as makeup, grooming products, and other accessories than their non-feminist peers.

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Jessica Murray’s Culinary Journey to a PhD

Jessica Murray grew up on a farm in southwest Washington, where family celebrations included elaborate, home-cooked meals. That early exposure to scratch cooking and farm-fresh foods prompted Murray to take culinary classes in high school, with the initial goal of earning a two-year culinary arts degree. Nine years later, Murray is working on a PhD through the Carson College of Business in hospitality and business management. During her time at WSU, she helped introduce a new flour for use in pizza crusts and was part of the launch for Crimson Confections, a student-led chocolate business. » More ...