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Hotel ‘greenwashing’ dirties eco-friendly reputation

Hotels across the globe are increasingly encouraging guests to embrace green practices. Yet while guests think they are supporting the environment by shutting off lights and reusing towels, they may in fact be victims of “greenwashing,” a corporation’s deceitful practice of promoting environmentally friendly programs while hiding ulterior motives. » More ...

New Program Aims to Help Grow the Economy in Southwest Washington

The WSU Vancouver Carson College of Business’s successful Business Growth Mentor and Analysis Program is expanding to include a cohort for technology businesses called the MAP Tech Collective. Funded by a $125,000 grant from JPMorgan Chase & Co, the collective will help technology businesses accelerate growth and positively impact Southwest Washington’s economy. » More ...

Glimpse of International Sovereignty Leads Alumni to Global Volunteerism

Three months ago Amy (’07 Hospitality, Finance, ’08 MBA) and Colin Pappajohn (’06 Finance, ’08 MBA) were on their way to the third largest island in Greece, a place known for its amazing food, beautiful beaches, pristine forests, rivers, and olive groves. But this was no vacation. While finishing up volunteer work in Italy and Turkey, they felt called to support the European refugee crisis in Greece. » More ...

Sharing is Security

Over a billion international tourists visit hotels every year, and every interaction affects guests’ experiences. If those experiences meet the guests’ expectations, it’s all good. If not, complaints may literally be heard around the world in an instant, thanks to social media platforms that make it easy for customers to share their reactions with millions of people. » More ...

Popular Press March 2016

Ken Butterfield

Crime and Punishment? Redefining Ethics Programs through Restorative Practices

Ken Butterfield, chair and associate professor of management, information systems, and entrepreneurship, provids insights on restorative justice in his article featured in the December 8, 2015 issue of HR People & Strategy.

 “Three Dos and Don’ts of Social Media

Kim Houser, clinical associate professor of business law, shared her expertise in social media law in her article featured in the December 11, 2015 issue of the Puget Sound Business Journal.

KD Joshi

 “Building a Veteran Workforce: How Higher Ed and the IT Field Can Help

K.D. Joshi, professor of management, information systems, and entrepreneurship, suggests ways to reduce barriers that may deter veterans from building civilian careers in her article featured in the December 11, 2015 issue of