Meet Xochitl Cruz (’18 Executive MBA)

How did you learn about WSU and why did you choose the Carson College of Business online Executive MBA program over other schools?

I did extensive research based on school rankings and the most benefit I could get from an investment standpoint. In the end, I decided on the WSU online Executive MBA because its curriculum really covered current business needs, with significant focus on innovation and a deep understanding of the global markets which translated to more promising opportunities for me to advance in my career.

Why did the online format work for you?

It allowed me to manage my time in an effective way. I was able to allocate the required time based on activities, projects, and priorities. The best part was that I was able to connect with other students because the online program promotes group learning through sharing of experiences. Technology played a big role in successfully completing the online program by having access to different online resources 24/7.

Xochitl Cruz

What were some of the specific aspects or training opportunities in the online Executive MBA program that were especially valuable to you and transferred to your career?

I would summarize it with two major components. Analyses of real business cases were extremely effective and valuable. We were able to analyze a case from different perspectives, evaluate outcomes, and improve our decision-making process by incorporating a holistic approach.

Secondly, discussion postings were an effective tool to share knowledge and learn from each other. Overall, courses are created in a way that collective learning occurs with the guidance of highly experienced professors.

What has been your most rewarding experience as a result of your online Executive MBA training?

As a result of the online Executive MBA program, I was recently promoted to vice president of sweet baked goods operations within my international company, Bimbo Bakeries USA. It was easier for me to contribute in other areas where I was not involved before due to the experience and learning gained through the program. The Executive MBA provided me with the tools to analyze the bigger picture and make assertive decisions based on facts with a deeper understanding of the current and future business needs.

What was the best thing about your capstone project experience?

Learning to work with different people and backgrounds was a great experience because it prepared me to face real-time situations in my career and enriched ideas and perspectives. In addition, the capstone project was a complete business plan that let me put into practice what I learned from the program, which included extensive market research and connection with subject matter experts.