Chef Spills Secrets to Good Lentil Dishes

Executive Chef Jamie Callison, discusses the quality of lentils in food preparation in Peter Caster’s article published August 19, 2018, in the Lewiston Tribune.

How Data Security Improves When You Engage Employees in the Process

Robert Crossler, assistant professor of information systems, discusses ways to effectively lower a company’s risk exposure through a positive approach with employees, published in the September 28, 2018, issue of DarkReading. Crossler was also featured in “How to Engage Employees in Improving Your Company’s Data Security” published in the October 17, 2018, issue of MoneyInc. He discusses how managers better engage employees to implement best practices when it comes to data security.

Granger Cobb Institute Begins to Take Shape at Washington State University

Scott Eckstein, clinical assistant professor and senior living executive-in-residence at WSU Everett, discusses the goals of the proposed Granger Cobb Institute, which through research, educational efforts and assistance, would educate and influence future senior living leaders in an industry that is expected to attract more than 1.2 million additional employees by 2025. Eckstein is featured in Tim Regan’s article published in the October 18, 2018 issue of Senior Housing.

2018’s Best Places for Oktoberfest Celebrations

Robert Harrington, professor of hospitality business management, provides insights on celebrating Oktoberfest, in the September 11, 2018, issue of

Wine’s Origin Might Affect Acceptable Price More Than Taste Study Shows

Byron Marlowe, clinical assistant professor in hospitality business management at WSU Tri-Cities, discusses the impact of a wine’s country and region of origin on consumers’ willingness to pay in the October 23, 2018, issue of Science News.
Marlowe was also featured in:

Gaming Experts Agree: Leagues Can’t Explain Why They Need Integrity Fees

Kahlil Philander, discusses integrity issues and betting in sports in Steve Ruddock’s article published in the July 25, 2018, issue of Legal Sports Report.

Green Technologies Environmentally and Profit Friendly

Terence Saldanha, assistant professor of information systems, discusses how companies can reduce their environmental impact without negatively affecting profits in his article published in the September 11, 2018, issue of Science Magazine.

This is the Cost of Women’s Workplace Emotional Labor

Leah Sheppard, assistant professor of management, information systems, and entrepreneurship, is referenced in Gwen Morgan’s article published in the October 2, 2018, issue of Fast Company. Morgan discusses the concept of emotional labor for women in the workplace, and Sheppard comments on the ambiguity of why women tend to take on many of the daily culture-building and housekeeping tasks in the workplace.

The Fair Process Effect in the Classroom

Tom Tripp, senior associate dean for academic programs and faculty affairs, was featured September 26, 2018, in Business and Management INK, a blog by SAGE Publishing, discussing what kinds of revenge exist in the classroom, specifically, how students might get even with instructors.