Dear friends,

As a college, we are committed to providing transformational experiences that serve our students for life. And this means every student who is willing and able to do the work we expect. Higher education is an amazing path to opportunity. For many of us, this path was made possible in part by gifts from those who came before us. Those of us who have received this gift in turn have the opportunity—some would say the responsibility—to pay that gift forward.

Throughout this issue, you will see many examples of opportunity given in the form of scholarships, networking, internships, and dedicated funding that support students. Stories and visuals highlighting the impacts of the Dean’s Excellence Fund, the Carson Center for Student Success Endowed Fund, the Power Breakfast, and the new Celebrate Carson College! fundraising event will give you further insight into how your investments make a positive impact on our students.

Our alumni are equipped with the tools, networks, and support systems that enable them to thrive in the business industry, and many have turned their experiences into opportunities to help students develop into professional leaders. As a result of committed alumni and business leaders who served as panelists and guest speakers, students have recently received expert advice and professional perspective during events such as the Business Technology Symposium, Walton Lecture, Insurance Professionals Night, and Finance Professionals Night detailed within this issue.

In my first year as dean, I learned that for many, the Carson College of Business stands for opportunity, and also that many of you would like to see that message resonate more widely. Over two years ago, we were fortunate to add the Carson name to our College of Business, and we continue to work to build our “Carson College of Business” identity—in short, our brand. This fall, we have specifically focused internally on strengthening our identity by increasing student engagement with faculty, staff, and each other. As you read the articles on our community and professionalism building activities, ask yourself the same question we have been asking students: “What does it mean to be a Carson Coug?”

We all have the opportunity to model the dedication, passion, respectfulness, responsibility, and empathy we would like to see in our leaders. By our actions we can inspire our students to find their way forward as Carson Cougs. While they are here, they are the pride of the Palouse. When they leave us, they will become the pride of their communities. I invite you to consider what your gift of opportunity to current and future Carson Cougs will be.

I hope you enjoy this issue more than ever and have the best of holiday seasons.
Go Cougs!

Chip Hunter, Dean