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Enhancing your Education Through Podcasts

Podcasts have become a popular trend within mass media. With over 900,000 podcast shows online, there’s a show talking about nearly every topic you can think of. From daily news, interviews, storytelling, comedy, and fact-of-the day podcasts, it’s safe to assume that if you’ve thought of it, there’s a podcast for it.

As a student, navigating through your classes and extracurriculars can leave very little down time to pick up a book and enhance your education. As classes move online for the rest of the semester, this downtime will add up.

This is where podcasts come in. Plugging in while you walk to campus, grab … » More …

The Magic Behind Atrium Cafe’s Weekly Special

Have you ever wondered how the Atrium Café comes up with our special of the week? One way we like to distinguish ourselves from the other coffee shops on campus is by having a new specialty drink every week. We are located in the heart of Todd, on the first floor outside of the Carson Center for Student Success.

As public relations manager at Atrium Café, my favorite part of my job is creating specials for customers to enjoy new flavor combinations and get out of their comfort zones with their typical coffee order. We know how expensive coffee orders can get, so we try … » More …

Impact your Interview Through Fashion

Preparing for a job interview can be tough. There’s the resume review, the practice questions and of course, the attire. Job interviews typically last 30 minutes, which means that most candidates only have within that time frame to present who they are and why they should get the job. Employers are looking for a chemistry fit for their company, and your personality is a major aspect of that fit.

So, this begs the question: What do you wear to an interview?

I got in touch with Kaley Mozell, Tara Kelly and Bridgette Bacon, three seniors in the Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles program at … » More …

Getting Involved with SEB

Hey Carson Cougs!

My involvement at WSU has greatly influenced the career path I want to pursue after I graduate next year. Freshman year, I constantly heard everyone around me preaching to “get involved,” but I found myself cornered with thoughts that “there were no opportunities for me since I’m not as outgoing as my peers.” I heard about the Student Entertainment Board (SEB) through their various noteworthy events and concerts like Springfest and felt like that would be something fun to dip my toes into.

There are nine committees as a part of SEB- arts, concerts, films, gallery, marketing, speakers, special events, spotlight, … » More …

Preparing for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity all college students should experience if feasible. Although the idea of traveling away from the Palouse wheat fields on your own can seem scary, there is a lot about the process that can make leaving the 509 a breeze.

Going abroad is hard!

The first and most important thing to know is that WSU and the staff here want you to go. The Carson Center has an advisor whose job is to help students figure out how and when they can go abroad. Additionally, at the bottom floor of Bryan Tower is a Global Cougs office that hosts daily … » More …

About: The Carson Career Amplifier Program

The Carson Career Amplifier Program is an integral part of the Next Carson Coug curriculum. This co-curricular program complements what students are learning in the classroom. Students will develop professional skills through engaging, hands-on experiences. The Career Amplifier leverages opportunities available to our students from across academic departments, the Carson Center, and University-wide programs in order to provide a structured learning experience that will develop students’ career readiness.

Based on a subset of the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ research-based career readiness competencies and one from the National Academic Advising Association Student Success, the Carson College of Business created a program focused on student … » More …