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Yuphea Chhean


Yuphea Chhean

Finance major

Graduating class of 2018

Why did you volunteer to be an ambassador?

o   When I was at community college, I didn’t get involved until the last school year. When I looked back I regret it so much, and I wish I have gotten involved earlier because it was so much fun building bonds and helping people out. During Alive Orientation, I discovered that part of the university life is to create memory. Thus, I have determined to get involved as much as possible, so when I look back there are stories to tell and wonderful experiences to share. Now I’m glad I hold on to my determination and become a part Carson Ambassador Team.

What do you like about the Carson College of Business?

o   At Carson College of Business, there are many people who are friendly and willing to help students out. There are many resources for students to utilise for success. As a business student, academic report is only a small part that will showcase my potential. To be able to stand out from a competitive crowd, I have to learn how to network and develop professionalism. Carson College of Business understands that and has created a lot of opportunities for students through workshops, networking events, career council and many more.

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