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Study Abroad:

Business in Ireland

Experiential Learning in Ireland brings Core Business Classes to Life.

Join us for the journey…


Course Goals

-Gain an understanding of the Irish society including its politics, economy, society, history, identity and culture

through a business lens.

-Bring core business courses alive by providing experiential learning through visiting corporate, governmental

and significant cultural sites.

-Develop skills and academic and professional abilities applicable for use in regional and global contexts.

-Develop an openness to differing viewpoints on controversial topics related to course material and be able to

form and share their own opinions.

-Expand communication skills by finding new ways to navigate around communication barriers.

-Demonstrate critical thinking skills in the areas of cultural analysis and intercultural understanding.

-Reexamine their values and priorities to become better contributors to the global community by becoming

culturally self-aware.


Program Overview


Place of study: Dublin, Ireland

Dates: May-June, 2018 (Dates TBA)

Course credit: WSU credits, 6-9

Courses offered:
ECONS 101       BLAW 210       ACCTG 230

Expenses (Excluding air, WSU tuition & fees): TBA (+ WSU full time tuition)

Scholarships available?: Yes

Financial aid applies?: Yes

Director: Nori Pearson,


Locations courses, and prices are subject to change.

To apply

  • Program Application Deadline:
    • February 1
  • Scholarship Deadlines:
    • TBA
Information Sessions:

October 5 at 4:15pm in Todd 121

November 6 at 4:15pm in Todd 121

Washington State University