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Carson College of Business Carson College of Business Ambassadors

Carson College of Business Ambassadors

Carson College of Business Ambassadors 2015

2015-2016 Ambassadors

Left to right: Jack Funnell, Sierra Rasmussen, Brian Bickel, Felisha Sebetich, Nonoy Figueroa and (not pictured) Darien Chui on the WSU Vancouver campus.

THANK YOU to these students who used their energy and talents to make the Carson College of Business shine for potential students to join business and all the exciting programs offered by the college.

About Our Program

Mission: We exist to bring brand recognition to the Carson College of Business by engaging in promotional events, marketing videos, and internal programs, helping future Carson College Cougs to find their home while revealing what it has to offer.

Vision: Bringing Cougs to Business.

Core Values:

  • We bring internal & external stakeholders the information they need regarding the college in a manner that suits them.
  • We raise the bar for the student experience by being the clear voice of students within the Carson College.
  • We strive to help the College to maintain its competitive edge by consulting our ideas to places they could impact.

How we Impact

Core differentiation: We have faculty, staff, and even Carson College Representatives, who all want what’s best for the school, but only we can be the voice of students to those parties. Because we are ambassadors we have every reason to participate and improve the student experience within the Carson College of Business from the inside out.


The advisor for the ambassador program is Danielle Buckner, Career Advisor in the Carson College of Business Center for Student Success.

Contact Danielle at for information about this leadership program in the Carson College of Business.

The 2015-16 Ambassadors were instrumental in selecting great new ambassadors for 2016-17.  They had a fun meet and greet afternoon before the end of spring semester. The new ambassadors for 2016-17 are Courteney Baumgartner, Girish Chummun, Breanna Hendrickson, Jonathan Kang, Rebeccah Looi, Natalie Najarian and Jasmine Shattuck.

Welcome aboard for a fantastic year!




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