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Carson College of Business Majors Requirements & Application

Certify in a Major

Requirements and Application

Apply to Certify! Summer application is now open.

What is certification?

Certification is a process that officially designates your chosen major in the Carson College of Business and allows you to take upper division business courses.

When should I certify?

You will apply to certify during the semester in which you plan on completing the ten certification courses listed below, and will have accumulated at least 60 credits by the end of the semester.  Current coursework and your final GPA at the end of the semester in which you apply will be considered in satisfying your certification requirements.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis; however, you should submit your application before the priority deadline.  The earlier you apply, the higher the likelihood of getting into the courses you need to graduate on time and be able to select a more desirable schedule.

Certification requirements

Acceptance is competitive and satisfying the minimum certification requirements does not guarantee certification.  Once you’ve fulfilled the minimum requirements, you will be ranked relative to other applicants based on your cumulative GPA and other academic performance criteria.

    • Complete the following courses with an average GPA of 2.50 or higher
      • ACCTG 230, 231- Accounting Principles and Managerial Accounting
      • B LAW 210 – Law and the Legal Environment
      • ECONS 101, 102 – Micro and Macro
      • ENGLISH 101 – English Composition
      • MGTOP 215 – Business Statistics
      • MATH 201, 202 – Finite Math and Business Calculus
      • MIS 250 – Managing Information Technology
    • Have a WSU cumulative GPA of at least 2.5
    • Have earned at least 60 credit hours
    • To calculate your certification GPA, put your grades and credits received for the courses above in the GPA calculator. Estimate your grades for the current semester.

How do I certify?

After reviewing your academic record and the minimum certification requirements, complete the application below.  After submitting your application, you will receive email communication regarding your application status.  It is possible that you may receive an acceptance within two weeks of submitting your application.  If your final grades, and/or current transfer work, are needed in order to evaluate your application, you will receive notification after the semester is complete.

What happens next?

Click here to find out what to expect after your submit your application

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