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Carson College of Business Major Requirements & Application

How To Declare a Business Major

Requirements and Application

What is certification?

Commonly referred to as “certification”, this is the process where students apply for their chosen major once they have completed a set of business prerequisites. In the Carson College of Business, being certified in a business major allows you to progress in your degree program and take upper division business courses.

When should I apply to certify?

You will apply to certify during the semester in which you plan to complete all certification requirements, and will have earned at least 60 credits by the end of the semester. Students with higher GPA’s may be given preliminary certification status and be permitted to enroll in courses before the end of the semester. However, official certification status for all students will be determined at the end of the semester upon review of final grades.

Once the application is open, you should submit your application as soon as possible to avoid delays in registration. The earlier you apply, the higher the likelihood of getting into the courses you need to graduate on time and be able to select a more desirable schedule.

What are the requirements to apply?

By the end of the term, you must complete all of these courses:

ENGLISH 101 College Composition ACCTG 230 Intro to Financial Accounting
ECONS 101 Fundamentals of Microeconomics ACCTG 231 Intro to Managerial Accounting
ECONS 102 Fundamentals of Macroeconomics BLAW 210 Law & the Legal Environment of Business
MATH 201 Mathematics for Business & Econ MGTOP 215 Business Statistics
MATH 202 Calculus for Business & Econ MIS 250 Managing Information Technology


In addition to completing all courses listed above, you must also have:

  • Completed at least 60 credits by the end of the semester you apply
  • Have a least a 2.50 WSU cumulative GPA
  • Have at least a 2.50 certification GPA

How do I apply to certify?

The deadlines and process for applying for certification varies on each WSU campus.  Select the campus that you are applying to certify on:




Review instructions and apply here.


Contact: Sarah Minter
Academic Coordinator


Scroll down to the “Certification” section and apply here.



On the Pullman Campus, the application to certify typically opens during the second week of the term. To avoid delays in registration, please submit your application as soon as possible. If you apply during for certification during the preferred application period, you will be notified of your certification status before registration starts and could be eligible to enroll in classes before the end of the semester.  Because of this, the earlier you apply, the quicker you can register for next semester and the higher your likelihood being able to register for the courses you need and more convenient class times.  Please refer to the application timeline below:


If you apply by: You will be notified by: If you apply by: You will be notified by:
Summer 2019 June 15 June 30 June 16 – July 16 August 12
Fall 2019 October 18 November 1 October 19 – December 13 January 2
Spring 2020 March 6 April 1 March 7 – May 8 May 18
Summer 2020 June 15 June 30 June 16 – July 31 August 17

*Note: No late applications will be accepted

Important information for students applying for certification

  • Work with your academic advisor regarding course planning for the coming semester. Review the class schedules for newly certified students within each major, found here.
  • If you have completed coursework at other institutions that fulfill any of these certification requirements, make sure all transfer work is officially recorded in my.WSU by the last day of finalsLate transcripts will delay the application review process and could result in your application being denied.
  • If you are currently enrolled at another institution send an unofficial copy of your coursework to business.cert@wsu.eduFinal grades for transfer coursework must be submitted to WSU by the last day of finals week to be considered for  certification during that semester.  
  • Notifications of your certification status will be sent to your WSU email account.
  • If you are placed on hold for certification, you will be notified of our final decision by the date listed in the chart above.  If you are accepted, you will be able to enroll for your upper-division business classes.

Still have questions about applying to certify?  Contact your advisor today!


Apply for Certification

What happens next?

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