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Washington State University
Carson College of Business GCISL Corporate Scholars Program

GCISL Corporate Scholars Program

Granger Cobb Institute for Senior Living

In its inaugural year, the GCISL Corporate Scholars Program will select up to 12 students from across the university system. The students will work on interdisciplinary teams to address problems relevant to the Granger Cobb Institute for Senior Living (GCISL).

In their junior year, spring semester, the GCISL Scholars will participate in a 1-credit immersive internship with pre- and post-field visit workshops. In their senior year, GCISL Scholars will participate in a special multidisciplinary project course (3 credits each fall and spring semesters)


  • Junior status with expected graduation date in 2023
  • Full time student at any of the WSU physical campuses
  • Open to all majors
  • Must be available to participate in the Immersive Internship during Spring Break 2022 , and in either MGMT 496 (Fa 22 & Sp 23) or ENGR 420/421 (Fa22/Sp23)

Award Amount

  • $500 Junior year, spring semester
  • $3000 Senior year (split between fall and spring semesters)


  • Applications for the 2023 Cohort are now closed.
    Applications for the 2024 Cohort will open in August 2022.
  • Preview the required information here

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Jeff Perry

Dr. Nancy Swanger
Founding Director, GCISL

Mark Hansen
Senior Director, Corporate Engagement

Michelle Chapman
Scholarship Coordinator, Carson Center for Student Success

Corporate Scholars Pilot Program

For More Information on the larger Corporate Scholars Pilot Program
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Quick Facts on Senior Living

Independence, Community, and Dignity determine Quality of Life

Independent Living*

Assisted Living*

Memory Care*

Skilled Nursing Care

*Focus is on these areas


  • Loneliness/Isolation

  • Injury risk from falls

  • Detection of Medical Events (strokes, falls, heart attack, UTIs and other infections)

  • Sensory loss (especially hearing, vision)

  • Short-term memory degradation

  • Projected shortage of care givers

  • Targets of scams

  • Fitness & Nutrition

Potential Project Components

  • Robotics
    • Mobility aids
    • Daily life help (getting dressed, meals, transportation, toileting)
    • Robotic companions (animal, humanoid)
  • Sensors
    • Health checks/Health monitoring
    • Infection detection
    • Gait monitoring
    • Location Monitoring
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Virtual companions
    • Medication reminders
    • Memory assistant
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality/Wearable Technology
    • Closed captioning for hearing impaired
    • Navigation
    • Computer help
  • Therapies
    • Music
    • Exercise
    • Cognitive
    • Non-pharmaceutical Bone Density Therapies
  • Implants/Invasive procedures
    • Ethical issues

Relevant Majors

The GCISL Corporate Scholars Program is open to all majors. The following is a list of majors that are relevant to the types of projects under consideration. It is not an exhaustive list and other majors will be considered if the candidates are enthusiastic about the subject and can see a way for their skills to contribute.

Relevant Majors

(Not an exhaustive list)

Engineering & Computer Science (EE, CS, ME, BioEngr), Design, Construction Management
Ethics, Psychology, Philosophy, Human Development, Gerontology, Communications, Music, Social Work
Nursing, Pharmacy, Kinesiology, Pre-Med, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Vet Science, Sociology
Management, HR, HBM, Senior Living, MIS, Finance, Accounting, Economics

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional information available in the GCISL Scholars FAQs.