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Carson College of Business Boeing Scholars – FAQs

Boeing Scholars - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the Boeing Scholars Program work?

BSP is a two year program. Scholars are selected in September of their Junior year. Juniors participate in events throughout the year on the Pullman Campus which include serving as peer reviewers for the Senior Project teams. All Scholars attend a Site Visit to a Boeing Facility (usually in mid-October).

Senior Scholars enroll in either MGMT 496 Seminar or ENGR 420/421 Multidisciplinary Design 1 & 2 for the Fall/Spring semesters. They select projects from a list provided by Boeing, then work together in teams to complete their projects. Boeing mentors provide guidance and information throughout the year.

Senior Scholars present their results at the annual Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA) on the Pullman Campus in March and their final project results to Boeing Mentors and Management at the end of the Spring semester.

A graphical overview of the program is available here.

Q. Who is eligible to apply?

  • Full-time students on the Pullman campus (there is a separate program on the Everett campus)
  • Junior class standing (Senior with 2 years remaining is also acceptable). Transfer students entering as juniors are also eligible.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 from the following colleges/majors:
    • Carson College of Business (any major, up to 4 students)
    • Voiland College of Engineering & Architecture (any major, up to 4 students)
    • Murrow College of Communication (any major, up to 2 students)
    • College of Arts and Sciences (limited to majors below, up to 2 students):
      • Bio Sciences
      • Chemistry
      • Data Analytics
      • DTC
      • Environmental Science
      • Math
      • Physics

Q. Why can’t students from other colleges apply?

The Agreement funding the scholarships restricts awards to the four colleges listed above. If you are a double major that includes one of the four colleges, you are eligible even if your other major is from a different college.

Q. How do I apply?

  • All students apply via the single on-line application form
  • A preview of the Boeing Scholars Application is available here. This is for information purposes only. Applications must be submitted through the on-line system.
  • Note: Essay fields have a limited number of characters (not words).

Q. Do I need letters of recommendation?

No. You do not need letters of recommendation. You may provide the names/emails of up to two professors who would be willing to serve as references for you. The selection committee will contact references via email as needed during the selection process.

Q. What are the criteria for selection?

The Boeing Scholars are selected as a cohort – meaning that applicants are evaluated on both their individual qualifications and their potential contribution to the group.

Individual qualities we are looking for are:

  • Strong academic skills in their major field/s of study.
    To contribute to a multidisciplinary team, Scholars need to have a solid foundation in their individual discipline.
  • Ability to work well in a team.
    The projects are challenging and require intense collaboration. No one person will have all the necessary skills to complete the project.
  • Ability to learn on their own.
    The projects are real-world, which means that the required skills may fall outside the existing skillset of the team. Scholars need to be able to explore new domains and quickly come up to speed in subjects outside their comfort zone.
  • Communication skills.
    Scholars need solid written and oral communication skills.
  • Professionalism.
    The Scholars serve as representatives of WSU and will be interacting with Boeing employees, managers, and executives. Scholars therefore need to conduct themselves in a professional way that reflects positively on the University.
  • Interest in Boeing.
    We look for enthusiasm to work on Boeing projects. Given Boeing’s size and broad business interests, Scholars should be able to articulate their excitement for some aspect of what Boeing does.
  • Willing to commit to the two year program.
    Students need to understand the requirements and be able to commit to meeting them. In particular:

    • Students must register for the MGMT or ENGR course for both semesters of their senior year. Students should evaluate their academic program to make sure that their graduation timetable can accommodate these classes.
    • Seniors must be in residence at the Pullman Campus for both Fall and Spring semester (i.e., cannot be graduating in December).

Cohort consideration:

  • Balance of skills among disciplines.
    This is a multidisciplinary program and the projects require a variety of skills.

Q. What is the process for selection?

  1. Submit application by due date via the on-line system
  2. Selection committee will confirm eligibility and select finalists for interviews.
  3. Applicants will interview with the selection committee for their college. Students who may be eligible through multiple colleges will have one interview. Interviews will be scheduled either in person (or via Zoom, depending on COVID restrictions) during the week following submission.. The selection committee may, during this time, contact references.
  4. The selection committee for each college selects their Scholars.
  5. Scholars are notified (generally 2-3 weeks after submission)
  6. Scholars sign paperwork and receive their first semester scholarship through their home college.

Q. How many Scholars are selected?

  • Up to four from Carson College of Business
  • Up to four from Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture
  • Up to two from Murrow College of Communication
  • Up to two from College of Arts and Sciences

Q. What are the participation requirements for Boeing Scholars?

The Mandatory (M) requirements and Desired (D) participation are given below. Non-compliance with any of the mandatory requirements will disqualify the student from receiving the scholarship. Due to COVID-19, physical residence in Pullman is not required, but registration for classes on the Pullman campus is. Participation in events will be via Zoom or other on-line system, and some events may be postponed or cancelled.

Junior Year:

  • (M) Have Junior standing (or higher, as long as there are 2 years remaining in program)
  • (M) Be in residence at Pullman Campus (note: if planning to study abroad during either Fall or Spring semester Junior year, this needs to be noted in the application and discussed in the interview.)
  • (M) Sign scholarship paperwork
  • (M) Attend the Boeing Site Visit
  • (M) Attend the End-of-year Report Out
  • (M) Apply for a Boeing Internship
  • (D) Participate in on-campus Boeing Events
  • (D) Participate in Boeing Scholar peer review events

Senior Year:

  • (M) Have Senior standing
  • (M) Be in residence at Pullman Campus both Fall and Spring semester
  • (M) Take either MGMT 496 or ENGR 420/421 and participate in the joint class. Attendance in class is mandatory.
  • (M) Attend the Boeing Site Visit
  • (M) Submit Abstract to SURCA (participation is dependent on acceptance)
  • (M) Participate in the ENGR Capstone Expo (Engineering majors) – unless requirement met through a different course
  • (M) Work with their team to complete their project

Q. What are the projects like?

They are challenging, messy, open-ended, frustrating, exhilarating, complex, and risky. In other words, they are just like the types of projects you can expect after graduation. For examples of prior year projects, see the main Boeing Scholars webpage

Q. Does being a Boeing Scholar guarantee me an internship or job at Boeing?

No. Junior Scholars are required to apply for an internship, but are not guaranteed one. If offered an internship, you are strongly encouraged to accept.

Senior Scholars are encouraged (but not required) to apply for positions at Boeing.

Q. Will the Boeing Scholar classes satisfy my Capstone or other requirements?

Capstone Requirements:

  • Vary by college and department. You must to talk your advisor to determine if you need to take your college’s/department’s capstone class in addition to the Boeing Scholars class.
  • In the past year, we had a mix of students using the Boeing classes as their capstone while others did a separate capstone class.
  • We are working with the individual colleges to identify general guidelines, but they do not exist yet. Advanced planning early in your Junior year may help you to optimize your schedule.
  • We recommend you consider the worst case (i.e., you need to take both) to assess if your schedule can accommodate the Boeing Scholar requirements.

Honors College Thesis:

  • Boeing Scholars have been able to use their Boeing projects as the basis for their Honors Thesis. Students need to coordinate their Honors proposals through the Honors College and ensure that all Honors requirements are met. Students may be required to do additional, complementary research in support of their thesis. For more information, refer to the Honors College website.

Carson College Experiential Learning Requirements:

  • This is in progress. Will be updated as more information becomes available.


Carson College of Business and Overall Administration

Faculty Lead:
Jeff Perry

Scholarship Administration:
Michelle Chapman

Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Shelley Pressley

Scholarship Administration:
Kasey Schertenleib

Murrow College of Communication

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Justin Barnes

Scholarship Administration:
Megan Starr-Gepford

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Jeremy Lessmann

Scholarship Administration:
Lauren Jasmer


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