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Carson College of Business National Board of Advisors (NBoA) Speed Networking Event

Speed Networking Event

National Board of Advisors (NBoA)


What is the NBoA?

The Carson College of Business has several advisory boards that it relies on for guidance, advice, and input in order to stay as progressive and relevant as possible to prepare our students for jobs in today’s business community. Each unit within the CCB has an advisory board (HBM, Finance, Accounting, etc.), and collectively they make up the “National Board of Advisors”, or “NBoA,” for short.

Who are the members? And are they all alum?

We do find that the majority of industry professionals have an affinity towards their alma mater when serving on an advisory board, but we do have a handful of non-alums that generously donate their time and expertise to the CCB NBoA. It is not a requirement to serve on the board.

What is the purpose of the NBoA?

Official NBoA Purpose: “The National Board of Advisors fosters closer ties between the Washington State University Carson College of Business, its alumni, and the community. The Board helps shape the vision and achieve CCB goals by providing the guidance and assistance that the members of the Board are best qualified to provide.”

What is the NBoA Speed Networking Night?

This event is an opportunity for students of all majors within the Carson College of Business to network with our NBoA and to learn valuable networking skills. There will be 9-minute sessions in which you and another student will network with 1-2 board members, with the topic of your choosing. There will be professionals from a variety of different industries represented at this event.

Student benefits?

Carson College of Business pre-certified and certified students will have the opportunity to build their network in a safe environment, to practice networking skills, and engage in career exploration conversations with industry experts

How do I participate?

In order for any students to participate you must register between Feb. 1 – March 22 on Handshake, under NBoA Speed Networking Event.

What is expected of me as a student participant?

As a participant you are required to attend one professional development workshop that will provide to you very important information on the event and how to successfully navigate this style of networking.

How should I prepare?

Here are a few steps to follow to prepare:

Step 1: Once you have registered and received confirmation of your participation you are encouraged to purchase business cards, this is optional not required.

Step 2: Create a LinkedIn Account or have your current profile reviewed. Connect with a career consultant in the Carson Center to review your LinkedIn profile.

Step 3: Attend one of the professional development workshops required for attendance.

Step 4: Do your research on the companies that will be participating at the event. You will receive the participating companies at the workshop.



Event Details

April 19, 2018
5 – 6:15 p.m.
CUB Junior Ballroom

Washington State University