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Washington State University
Dividend - Fall 2019 The Next Carson Coug

Current Students' Reflections
on a Next Carson Coug Business Education

I think the smaller class sizes will be great. It gives the students better access to their professors and can encourage peer-to-peer networking.

Emma // JUNIOR

I love the freshman courses we’ll be offering. I’m also excited about data analysis being a part of the learning goals. That’s a game changer.

Adam // SENIOR

Certifying after their freshman year will help students take initiative earlier on AND become more involved with their departments.

Becca // JUNIOR

Internships have been instrumental in my growth. It’s great to see The Next Carson Coug putting an emphasis on these experiences.


The part that excites me about The Next Carson Coug is the professional development aspect. Setting you up for the future should be a college’s priority, so having this portion implemented does exactly that.

Marcus // SENIOR

I love that we’ll be encouraging teamwork in The Next Carson Coug. I’m very involved on campus, so I like the idea of learning how to work with others to solve problems.

Jasmine // FRESHMAN

Capping the class sizes in The Next Carson Coug will be great. I like the idea of having workshop-type classes that encourage active engagement among the students.

Rosa // JUNIOR

Helping students understand professionalism should be a University requirement, not just the Carson College of Business!

Eric // SENIOR

These Next Carson Coug freshman courses are great for helping students find their way. I know it would have been helpful for me, so I’m excited for the upcoming freshmen!

Alyssa // FRESHMAN

Study abroad is so beneficial in learning how to step outside your comfort zone with your peers. I can’t wait for this to be a milestone in The Next Carson Coug!

Margaret // FRESHMAN

It’s awesome to see all business students will be taking HBM 101. I have encouraged non-hospitality majors to take it. I can’t wait to see the impact it has on the entire college.

McKayla // SENIOR

I love the experiential learning aspect of The Next Carson Coug! Experiential learning has been the most impactful part of my time at WSU—this will be huge for the Carson College.

Justin // JUNIOR

The fact that this program is built around students being able to find their passion early on will be great for the students and for the overall culture of the college.