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Carson College of Business Resource Night Videos

Resource Night Video Archives

Expert guidance for teams in the Business Plan Competition

Resource Night Video Archives

If you’re planning to compete, be sure to attend this year’s Resource Nights to give your team an edge. Find out what to anticipate by watching video of 2014 Resource Nights below.

Resource Night 1: Keys to Success

Carol Ann Sears, vice president of financial development (retired), Washington Mutual

In the opening night of the Business Plan Resource Night series, Carol Ann Sears, former vice president of financial development at Washington Mutual, lectured on the keys to success in business.

Resource Night 2: Ideas and Opportunities

Larry Gross, Relay Application Inc. and Joseph Taylor

Larry Gross (Relay Applications Inc.) and Joseph Taylor discuss finding the right business idea and how to identify opportunities to help grow that idea into a business.

Resource Night 3: Marketing

Ryan Lockwood, AT&T

The third Resource Night at the WSU Carson College of Business focuses on marketing for new businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Ryan Lockwood (AT&T) talks about how to leverage new technologies toward a marketing strategy.

Resource Night 4: Legal

Dave Divine, Lee & Hayes

In the fourth Business Plan Resource Night, Dave Divine (Lee & Hayes) gives an overview of intellectual property and legal issues that start-ups should know about.

Resource Night 5: Financial

Bill Skavdahl, American West and Tom Simpson, Northwest Venture Associates

Bill Skavdahl (American West) and Tom Simpson (Northwest Venture Associates) discuss how new ventures can raise capital.

Resource Night 6: Insights from Past Teams

Dane Baird and Chris Routen

Dane Baird and Chris Routen, former Business Plan Competition participants, share their insights on how to prepare for the competition, as well as what to expect from the judges.