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Carson College of Business Resource Nights

Resource Nights

Expert guidance for teams in the Business Plan Competition

Make your business plan shine

At Resource Nights, you and your fellow Business Plan Competition contestants receive guidance to help you write a strong business plan and deliver a compelling presentation. Industry experts will take the podium at these evening learning sessions to highlight ways in which you can achieve the best results.

Upcoming Events:

Check the schedule for the upcoming a full list of events for BPC 2018.

Videos from 2017 BPC

Thursday, March 9, 2017, Art of the Pitch

Andy Barrett, Toolbox

Thursday, March 2, 2017, Venture Finance

Doug Cox, Colombia Bank

February 23, 2017, Digital Marketing and Technical PR

Paul Warner, Marketing Specialist SEL

February 16, 2017, Business Formation & IP Legal

Dave Divine & Dan Wadkins, Lee & Hayes

February 9, 2017, Building and Managing a Team

Tony Poston, CEO of College Hill

February 2, 2017, Keys To Success

Daniel Navarro, Google for Entrepreneurs

Videos from 2016 BPC

The Art of the Pitch

March 3: Tom Simpson & Andy Barrett

Legal Issues

February 25: Dave Divine & Dan Wadkins, Lee & Hayes

Keys to Success

January 28: Joelle Kaufman, Head of Marketing and Partnerships at Bloomreach.

Videos from 2015 BPC

Keys to Success

January 29: Tom Simpson, co-founder and chairman, etailz; Andy Barrett, executive director, Berg Companies

Financial Planning for Business Plan Success

February 5: Carol Ann Sears, vice president of financial development (retired), Washington Mutual

Online Marketing

Feb 12: Rebecca Cooney, Clinical Assistant Professor, WSU

Legal Issues for Startups

Feb. 19: Attorneys Dave Devine and Dan Watkins, Lee & Hayes

Company Culture

Mar. 5: Dan Castles, CEO, Telestream

For more expert guidance, see our archived Resource Night videos here.
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