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Washington State University
Carson College of Business Judge a Competition

Judge the Business Plan Competition

Your involvement as a judge is an essential component of the Business Plan Competition. Judges bring real world perspectives to student learning and their feedback reinforces faculty teaching in a powerful way. In addition, as successful individuals employed in diverse fields, judges serve as role models and encouragers of future entrepreneurs. We appreciate the valuable contribution you make to transformational student learning in the College of Business at WSU and look forward to your participation in the Business Plan Competition.


*During the Screening Round, judges are not required to travel to Pullman; instead, they evaluate 1 page executive summaries for the college league and 1 page executive summaries and 2 minute videos for the high school league through the easy to use Reviewr (Formerly Pitchburner) software. Judges rate each section of the executive summary on a 1-5 point scale. It should take between ½ hour and 1 hour to score three teams.

† During the final rounds each judge will review four (4) 4-7 page written business plans through Reviewr (April 14 –April 20). Judges rate each component of the plan on a 1-5 scale. It should take between 1-2 hours to score four business plans. Once the written plans are evaluated and scores submitted, judges will travel to Pullman (April 21 and 22) to evaluate presentations. The Presentation Rounds begin on Friday, April 21 with a judge’s lunch and continue with preliminary rounds in the afternoon. The evening concludes with a networking dinner and exciting program where the college league finalists and high school winners are announced. We will award $12,000 in prize money to high school teams and $10,000 in Herbert B. Jones merit prizes for best written plan, best presentation, best technology venture and best social impact business. On Saturday, April 22, the college league finalists present their business plans and give their best for $48,000 in prize money