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Carson College of Business High School League Guidelines

High School League Guidelines

The competition attracts the best and brightest high school students from throughout Washington

If you’re a regional high school student, you are invited to participate in the Business Plan Competition’s high school league—with the opportunity to win your share of $12,000 in prizes. The competition lets you practice business in a real-world setting and network with university faculty and industry professionals.

Business Plan Competition judges are experienced executives, entrepreneurs, bankers and venture capitalists. They provide invaluable feedback to student teams.

Two rounds of competition

Screening Round

An online event, the Screeninound is the first major hurdle you’ll face in the competition. Each team submits a 2-minute video and a 1 page summary of its business plan on the registration site. Judges perform an initial review and narg Rrow the field down to 4 teams.  Review the Screening Round checklist when developing your entry.

Getting Started

Review the following documents:


  • Video: The video is evaluated on a 1-5 scale based on the introduction/hook, team, product, market, distribution, business model, summary/close and overall impression.
  • Executive summary: The executive summary is evaluated on a 1-to-5 scale in terms of the summary as a whole, management team, market opportunity, competitive strategy, go to market strategy and financials.

Presentation Round

After the screening round, you’ll receive an email naming the teams that will advance to the presentation round. The top teams will each submit a 4-7 page written business plan, a 10-15 slide pitch deck on the registration site. Teams travel to Pullman and give an oral presentation to the judges. On competition days, each team will follow this schedule.


Teams are evaluated on both their written business plans and their presentations. Judging criteria include team presentation and style, the customer problem, solution, value proposition, competitive advantages, market and sales strategy, management, financials and offering, and investment analysis. Judges choose the top team in each of 6 leagues to advance to the final round.

Be sure to review the full judging criteria:

Presentation schedule

  • Set up: 10 minutes
  • Presentation: 15 minutes
  • Questions and feedback: 20 minutes

Business Plan Dinner

If you competed in the Presentation Round, you and your teammates will dine with the judges—a priceless opportunity to build professional connections. Following dinner, competition organizers will announce the winning teams.


We encourage you to attend Resource Nights, evening learning sessions that bring in experts from the local community to teach various aspects of writing and presenting a business plan. Offered throughout spring semester, sessions are open to students and the public.


Start preparing your business plan in January…or sooner. See the schedule for details.


  • The contest is open to all high school students in the State of Washington.
  • Four members of a team will be allowed to present their idea before the judges during the Presentation Round of the competition.

Registration and Business Plan Submission Deadlines

  • Register your team online for the competition: Friday, March 8, 2019
  • Fully complete and submit your business plan executive summary and 2-minute video: Friday, March 22, 2019
  • Review the submission checklist


Contact Allison Sellers at

Washington State University