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Ian Schirato


Ian Schirato

  • Finance & Actuarial Science double major
  • Graduating class of 2018
  • Why did you volunteer to be an ambassador?

o   Being an Ambassador will further develop my skills while founding a mutually beneficial relationship with those who share my passion towards business. This volunteer experience helps me to get involved in the business school to make change to help future students be successful.

  • What do you like about the Carson College of Business?

o   I have formed many beneficial relationships working with my professors and student organization leaders in the past. This was made possible by the sense of community and passion shared by all Washington State University students, staff and alumni. I am proud to say that I am the student I am today because of the Carson College of Business.

  • Ian was awarded the Experience WSU scholarship and an academic scholarship for each of his four years at WSU!
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