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Ph.D.: People

Current Students:


Kourosh Amirkhani
Zhuoli Axelton
Yun shil Cha
Michael Craven
Yijing Cui
Daniel Ferguson
Liancheng Fu
Andrea Honig
Xuanhong Huang
Jonathan Lee
Fangjun Xiao
Han Yan
Kiely Yonce


Goutham Abotula
Feiwei Chen
Jingjing Chen
Hui-Heng Cheng
Yijun He
Yun Ma
Yoonsoo Nam
Guanzhong Pan
Yoshiki Shimizu
Cuyler Strong
Ao Wang
Sadegh Kazemi
Leila Zbib

Hospitality Business Management:

Kelvin Chaing
Hengxuan Chi
Gregory Denton
Jessica Murray
Zhe Ouyang
Junsung Park
Lu Yuan
Hongwei Zhao


Kamal Ahmmad
Shibiao Ding
Nasir Hagighibardineh
Mycah Harrold
Muzi Liu
Pavan Munaganti
Eujin Park
Yuan Wen


Chandresh Baid
Sheng Bi
Emily Carbaugh
Warren Cook
Mengjiao (Rebecca) He
Sahrok Kim
Natalie Liberman
Tengiat (Lawrence) Loi
Gurdeep Singh Raina
Eunjeong Shin
Smita Srivastava
Hannah Thompson
Huizhi Yu


John Correia
Xuemei (Shirley) Huang
Mina Jafarijoo
Shizhen (Jasper) Jia
Michael Kennedy
Yafang Li
Zonayed Mahid
Jalal Sarabadani
Joseph Sebastian
Zuan Sun
Carlos Torres


Thamer Almutairi
Gihan Edirsinghe
Mohammah Sadegh Kazemi Zarkouei
Lan (Vicky) Luo
Silu Lyu
Richard Muszynski III
Alexandros Paparas
Vasilis Pavlopoulos
Lizao Zhang

2018 Graduates

Ruiying Cai
Hospitality Business Management
Colorado Mesa University
Dissertation: “Three Essays on the Impact of Food Pictures on Customer Food-Related Behaviors”

Scott Connors
Western University
Dissertation: “Expanding the Role of Psychological Distance in Shaping Consumer Brand Associations, Evaluations, and Behavior”

Ismail Karabas
Murray State University
Dissertation: “New Directions in Service Failure Research”

2017 Graduates

Brandon Gustafson
Oakland University
Dissertation: “Online Affiliate Engagement Strategies and Customer Relationship Outcomes”

Sangyong Han
East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
Dissertation: “Managerial Behavior on Risk Taking and Reserve Management for Insurance Companies”

Leila Hickman
University of New Mexico
Dissertation: “An Investigation of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting and Assurance”

Nara Jeong
San Francisco State University
Dissertation: “Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility”

Hyounae Min
Hospitality Business Management
California State Polytechnic University
Dissertation: “Service Failure as Perceived Discrimination: Voice, Emotion, and Power”

Nathan Neale
University of Houston – Downtown
Dissertation: “An examination of needs and outcomes in the context of managerial responses to counterproductive workplace behavior”

Benyawarath Nithithanatchinnapat
Management Information Systems
University of North Carolina – Charlotte
Dissertation: “Socio-Economic Development and Information Technology: A Country Level Analysis”

Pyayt Oo
Central Michigan University
Dissertation: “Are User Entrepreneurs and Hybrid Entrepreneurs Different from Traditional Entrepreneurs?”

He (Hart) Wang
Southern University of Science and Technology (China)
Dissertation: “Dissecting the Relation between Insider and Institutional Trading”

Thomas Weber
California State Polytechnic University
Dissertation: “Politicized Purchasing: The Role of Political Orientation in Consumer Behavior”

2016 Graduates

Yinfei Chen
California State University – Chico
Dissertation: “Net share issuance, institutional trading, and stock market returns”

Majid Dadgar
Management Information Systems
University of San Francisco
Dissertation: “ICT-enabled self-management of chronic diseases through value sensitive design”

Nari Kim
University of California, Irvine (Post-Doc)
Dissertation: “The antecedents, consequences, and remedies of corporate financial wrongdoings”

Skyler King
Weber State University
Dissertation: “Product recalls conceptualized as social dilemmas”

Lu Lu
Hospitality Business Management
Temple University
Dissertation: “Diner’s experience with sustainable menu offerings at restaurants and promotion strategies through menu renovations”

Zihui Ma
Hospitality Business Management
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dissertation: “Successful aging: Decision-making process of moving into a senior living community”

Victor Pimentel
Operations & Management Science
Niagara University
Dissertation: “Revenue management: Genetic overbooking/allocation algorithms for the hotel industry”

Bahae Samhan
Management Information Systems
Illinois State University
Dissertation: “Why do people resist healthcare IT?: Literature analysis, model testing, and refinement”

Jenni Sandstrom
Hospitality Business Management
Washington State University
Dissertation: “Leading a Successful Hotel: A Look at the General Manager’s Ability to Utilize Multiple Leadership Styles”

Joseph Taylor
Management Information Systems
Sacramento State University
Dissertation: “Crowdsourcing IT work: A three-fold perspective from the workers, buyers and platform providers”

Jun Wang
Industry – Banking
Dissertation: “Three essays on continuous and discrete time series models”

Philip Witt
Operations & Management Science
University of Nebraska-Omaha
Dissertation: “Exploring the role of team member personalities on Six Sigma project success, and modelling the analytic hierarchy process

Qiongqi Xiao
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Dissertation: “Essays on the corporate governance, cost of equity, corporate opacity and default risk”

2015 Graduates

Douglas Albertson
University of Idaho

Tanya Beaulieu
Management Information Systems
Utah State University
Dissertation: “Crowdfunding illuminated: A multi-method investigation”

Christopher Califf
Management Information Systems
Western Washington University
Dissertation: “Technostress in healthcare: A multi-method investigation”

Jonathan Jackson
Operation & Management Science
Providence College
Dissertation: “Quantity discounts, capacity decisions, and channel structure choices in supply chains”

Brett Josephson
George Mason University
Dissertation: “The Effect of Marketing Strategy on Firm Financial Performance”

Sakipon Juasrikul
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Dissertation: “Cultural and institutional context, entrepreneurship, and international venturing

Sang-Youn Lee
SUNY New Paltz
Dissertation: “Three essays on foreign firms’ capital raising their survivability in the U.S.: isomorphism, founder-CEO and TMT dynamics, and alliance”

Xiaolin Lin
Management Information Systems
University of Buffalo (Post-Doc)
Dissertation: “Exploring the business value of social media by examining users’ information sharing behaviors, evaluation of benefits, and usage continuance decision making

Chang Liu
Hawaiian Pacific University
Dissertation: “Getting on Board: The Monitoring Effect of Institutional Directors”

Richie Liu
Oklahoma State University
Dissertation: “Rebranding: Two Essays”

Todd Martin
Management Information Systems
University of Idaho

Na Su
Hospitality Business Management
China Tourism Academy
Dissertation: “US-Based Hotel Brand Personality”

Tyler Stumpf
Hospitality Business Management
Humboldt State University
Dissertation: “Navigating the elusive industry: A grounded investigation into hotel business management in developing Pacific Island country

Xun Xu
Operations & Management Science
California State University, Stanislaus
Dissertation: “Coordinating a Tourism Supply Chain Using Pricing and Cooperative Advertising Strategies”

Hyunsoon (Sean) Yim
Penn State University – Erie
Dissertation: “The role of corporate social responsibility to gain sustainable competitive advantage: Three essays”

Gulnara Zaynutdinova
West Virginia University
Dissertation: “Essays on mutual fund performance: The effects of liquidity service, provision, active management and alpha-opportunity timing”

2014 Graduates

Wei Huang
Saint John’s University
Dissertation: “Institutional Holdings and Dividend Policy”

Cheng Chieh (Allen) Lue
Hospitality Business Management
School of Tourism and Management (China)
Dissertation: “A conceptual Model of Online Tourists’ Confusion”

Yuxing Luo
Management Science
Dissertation: “Subordinated Gaussian Process, Fluctuation Identities, and their Applications to Log-returns and to Change-point Analysis”

Hakil Moon
Eastern Michigan University
Dissertation: “Knowledge Transfer, Absorptive Capacity, and Interfirm Relationships: Implications for New Products and Innovations”

J.D. Morscheck
Dissertation: “Share Repurchased and Wealth Transfer among Shareholders”

Diane Nelson
Washington State University
Dissertation: “Family Friendly Work Perceptions in Management”

Jeongdoo Park
Hospitality and Business Management
North Dakota State University
Dissertation: “Customer Mistreatment and Employee Organizational Citizenship Behavior: An Attributional Approach”

Imran Rahman
Hospitality Business Management
Auburn University
Dissertation: The Influence of Values and Attitudes on Green Consumer Behavioral Intentions: An Empirical Examination of Three Green Products”

Gaunette Sinclair-Maragh
Hospitality Business Management
University of Technology, Jamaica
Dissertation: “Residents’ Support for Tourism Development: A Case of Developing Countries”

2013 Graduates

Stoney Brooks
Management Information Systems
Middle Tennessee State University
Dissertation: “Personal Social Media Usage: Influential Characteristics and Negative Effects”

Brian Gillespie
University of New Mexico
Dissertation: “Product Placement: Three Essays”

Xiaohui Huang
Management & Operations Science
Dissertation: “Contract strategies with options in supply chains, and predictive models for purchasing centralization decisions”

Phil Longstreet
Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship
University of Michigan – Flint
Dissertation: “Towards and understanding of online visual aesthetics: an instantiation of the composition perspective”

Tera Galloway
Illinois State University
Dissertation: “The Role of Governance and Legitimacy on Inter-organizational Relationships: An Examination of Alliance Innovation Strategy, Network Spillover, and Firm Performance”

Nathan Johnson
Management Information Systems
Western Carolina University
Dissertation: “The Pathway to Enterprise Mobile Readiness: Analysis of Perceptions, Pressures, Preparedness, and Progression”

Yibai Li
The University of Scranton
Dissertation: “Social Computing: Concepts, Application, and Theory”

Wen-ling Lu
Western Michigan University
Dissertation: “U.S. Bank Structure, Fragility, Bailout, and Failure during the U.S. Financial Crisis”

Dustin Smith
Webster University
Dissertation: “Corporate Social Responsibility: Examining the Role of Institutional Antecedents, Consumer Reactions, and Social Opportunity Selection”

Xiao Xiao
Management Information Systems
Dissertation: “Post-Adoption Issues Related to Cloud-based Information Systems: A Multi-Method Investigation”

Manja Zidansek
Dissertation: “What Scent Can Do For a Brand: Exploration of Brand-Scent Boundary Conditions”

2012 Graduates

Kevin Chastagner
Management & Operations Science
Dissertation: “Three Essays on Organic and Inorganic Growth in Internationalized Markets”

Chune Young Chung
Dissertation: “Two Essays on leverage, mergers and acquisitions, and institutional investors”

Suparak Janjarasjit
Dissertation: “A moral prospective for understanding evaluators’ responsibility assessment for an act”

Mark Mulder
Pacific Lutheran University
Dissertation: “Three essays on emerging issues in charities: the gifting of charity, what happens when donations are redirected, and the importance of fit and linguistics in encouraging contributions”

Fengchun Tang
Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship
Dissertation: “An integrated understanding of confidence and user calibration in information systems use”

Kainan Wang
The University of Toledo
Dissertation: “Conditional Covariance Modeling and Applications in Mutual Fund Performance Evaluation”

Xuequn Wang
Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship
Dissertation: “Validity evidence of formative measurements in MIS and behavioral research”

Washington State University