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Ph.D People

Current Students:



Hospitality Business Management:




Yasmin Hadavi

Yafang Li

Joseph Sebastian

Carlos Torres


Parisa Foroutan

Silu Lyu

Vasilis Pavlopoulos

2019 Graduates

Yunshil Cha
University of New Hampshire
Dissertation: “The Effect of Management Control on Employees’ Motivation and Performance Reporting”

Warren Cook
The College of Saint Rose
Dissertation: “New Perspectives on Third Party Perceptions of Mistreatment”

John Correia
Management Information Systems
Gonzaga University
Dissertation: “Mindfulness: A Potential Mitigating Mechanism for Conditioned Problematic Social Media Use”

Mina Jafarijoo
Management Information Systems
Stockton University
Dissertation: “How Do Firms Derive Value from Cloud Computing Investment? Examining the Role of IT Governance”

Mike Kennedy
Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurship
University of British Columbia
Dissertation: “Conceptualizing and Defining Green Information System Capabilities”

Sahrok Kim
California State University, Stanislaus
Dissertation: “The Effects of Gender, National Culture, and Social Institutions on Firms’ Ethical, Growth Performance, and Innovation Outcomes”

Guanzhong Pan
Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, China
Dissertation: “Essays on the Effects of FOMC Announcement—Preannouncement Premium and Option Trading Activity”

Yoshiki Shimizu
Finance and Management Science
University of Minnesota Duluth
Dissertation: “Essays on Single-Stock Futures Trading: The Effects on Stock and Options Markets during the 2008 Short Selling Ban”

Fangjun Xiao
San Jose State University
Dissertation: “The Effect of Social Media Disclosure on Investors and Employees”

Leila Zbib
Bryant University
Dissertation: “The Effect of CEO’s General Ability on Company Performance: Evidence from the Takeover Market and Earnings Management”

Lizao Zhang
Operations Management
University of Maine
Dissertation: “Decision Support for Supplier Selection and Hotel Revenue Management”

2018 Graduates

Ruiying Cai
Hospitality Business Management
Colorado Mesa University
Dissertation: “Three Essays on the Impact of Food Pictures on Customer Food-Related Behaviors”

Scott Connors
Western University
Dissertation: “Expanding the Role of Psychological Distance in Shaping Consumer Brand Associations, Evaluations, and Behavior”

Ismail Karabas
Murray State University
Dissertation: “New Directions in Service Failure Research”

2017 Graduates

Brandon Gustafson
Oakland University
Dissertation: “Online Affiliate Engagement Strategies and Customer Relationship Outcomes”

Sangyong Han
East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
Dissertation: “Managerial Behavior on Risk Taking and Reserve Management for Insurance Companies”

Leila Hickman
University of New Mexico
Dissertation: “An Investigation of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting and Assurance”

Nara Jeong
San Francisco State University
Dissertation: “Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility”

Hyounae Min
Hospitality Business Management
California State Polytechnic University
Dissertation: “Service Failure as Perceived Discrimination: Voice, Emotion, and Power”

Nathan Neale
University of Houston – Downtown
Dissertation: “An examination of needs and outcomes in the context of managerial responses to counterproductive workplace behavior”

Benyawarath Nithithanatchinnapat
Management Information Systems
University of North Carolina – Charlotte
Dissertation: “Socio-Economic Development and Information Technology: A Country Level Analysis”

Pyayt Oo
Central Michigan University
Dissertation: “Are User Entrepreneurs and Hybrid Entrepreneurs Different from Traditional Entrepreneurs?”

He (Hart) Wang
Southern University of Science and Technology (China)
Dissertation: “Dissecting the Relation between Insider and Institutional Trading”

Thomas Weber
California State Polytechnic University
Dissertation: “Politicized Purchasing: The Role of Political Orientation in Consumer Behavior”

2016 Graduates

Yinfei Chen
California State University – Chico
Dissertation: “Net share issuance, institutional trading, and stock market returns”

Majid Dadgar
Management Information Systems
University of San Francisco
Dissertation: “ICT-enabled self-management of chronic diseases through value sensitive design”

Nari Kim
University of California, Irvine (Post-Doc)
Dissertation: “The antecedents, consequences, and remedies of corporate financial wrongdoings”

Skyler King
Weber State University
Dissertation: “Product recalls conceptualized as social dilemmas”

Lu Lu
Hospitality Business Management
Temple University
Dissertation: “Diner’s experience with sustainable menu offerings at restaurants and promotion strategies through menu renovations”

Zihui Ma
Hospitality Business Management
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dissertation: “Successful aging: Decision-making process of moving into a senior living community”

Victor Pimentel
Operations & Management Science
Niagara University
Dissertation: “Revenue management: Genetic overbooking/allocation algorithms for the hotel industry”

Bahae Samhan
Management Information Systems
Illinois State University
Dissertation: “Why do people resist healthcare IT?: Literature analysis, model testing, and refinement”

Jenni Sandstrom
Hospitality Business Management
Washington State University
Dissertation: “Leading a Successful Hotel: A Look at the General Manager’s Ability to Utilize Multiple Leadership Styles”

Joseph Taylor
Management Information Systems
Sacramento State University
Dissertation: “Crowdsourcing IT work: A three-fold perspective from the workers, buyers and platform providers”

Jun Wang
Industry – Banking
Dissertation: “Three essays on continuous and discrete time series models”

Philip Witt
Operations & Management Science
University of Nebraska-Omaha
Dissertation: “Exploring the role of team member personalities on Six Sigma project success, and modelling the analytic hierarchy process

Qiongqi Xiao
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Dissertation: “Essays on the corporate governance, cost of equity, corporate opacity and default risk”

2015 Graduates

Douglas Albertson
University of Idaho

Tanya Beaulieu
Management Information Systems
Utah State University
Dissertation: “Crowdfunding illuminated: A multi-method investigation”

Christopher Califf
Management Information Systems
Western Washington University
Dissertation: “Technostress in healthcare: A multi-method investigation”

Jonathan Jackson
Operation & Management Science
Providence College
Dissertation: “Quantity discounts, capacity decisions, and channel structure choices in supply chains”

Brett Josephson
George Mason University
Dissertation: “The Effect of Marketing Strategy on Firm Financial Performance”

Sakipon Juasrikul
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Dissertation: “Cultural and institutional context, entrepreneurship, and international venturing

Sang-Youn Lee
SUNY New Paltz
Dissertation: “Three essays on foreign firms’ capital raising their survivability in the U.S.: isomorphism, founder-CEO and TMT dynamics, and alliance”

Xiaolin Lin
Management Information Systems
University of Buffalo (Post-Doc)
Dissertation: “Exploring the business value of social media by examining users’ information sharing behaviors, evaluation of benefits, and usage continuance decision making

Chang Liu
Hawaiian Pacific University
Dissertation: “Getting on Board: The Monitoring Effect of Institutional Directors”

Richie Liu
Oklahoma State University
Dissertation: “Rebranding: Two Essays”

Todd Martin
Management Information Systems
University of Idaho

Na Su
Hospitality Business Management
China Tourism Academy
Dissertation: “US-Based Hotel Brand Personality”

Tyler Stumpf
Hospitality Business Management
Humboldt State University
Dissertation: “Navigating the elusive industry: A grounded investigation into hotel business management in developing Pacific Island country

Xun Xu
Operations & Management Science
California State University, Stanislaus
Dissertation: “Coordinating a Tourism Supply Chain Using Pricing and Cooperative Advertising Strategies”

Hyunsoon (Sean) Yim
Penn State University – Erie
Dissertation: “The role of corporate social responsibility to gain sustainable competitive advantage: Three essays”

Gulnara Zaynutdinova
West Virginia University
Dissertation: “Essays on mutual fund performance: The effects of liquidity service, provision, active management and alpha-opportunity timing”

2014 Graduates

Wei Huang
Saint John’s University
Dissertation: “Institutional Holdings and Dividend Policy”

Cheng Chieh (Allen) Lue
Hospitality Business Management
School of Tourism and Management (China)
Dissertation: “A conceptual Model of Online Tourists’ Confusion”

Yuxing Luo
Management Science
Dissertation: “Subordinated Gaussian Process, Fluctuation Identities, and their Applications to Log-returns and to Change-point Analysis”

Hakil Moon
Eastern Michigan University
Dissertation: “Knowledge Transfer, Absorptive Capacity, and Interfirm Relationships: Implications for New Products and Innovations”

J.D. Morscheck
Dissertation: “Share Repurchased and Wealth Transfer among Shareholders”

Diane Nelson
Washington State University
Dissertation: “Family Friendly Work Perceptions in Management”

Jeongdoo Park
Hospitality and Business Management
North Dakota State University
Dissertation: “Customer Mistreatment and Employee Organizational Citizenship Behavior: An Attributional Approach”

Imran Rahman
Hospitality Business Management
Auburn University
Dissertation: The Influence of Values and Attitudes on Green Consumer Behavioral Intentions: An Empirical Examination of Three Green Products”

Gaunette Sinclair-Maragh
Hospitality Business Management
University of Technology, Jamaica
Dissertation: “Residents’ Support for Tourism Development: A Case of Developing Countries”

2013 Graduates

Stoney Brooks
Management Information Systems
Middle Tennessee State University
Dissertation: “Personal Social Media Usage: Influential Characteristics and Negative Effects”

Brian Gillespie
University of New Mexico
Dissertation: “Product Placement: Three Essays”

Xiaohui Huang
Management & Operations Science
Dissertation: “Contract strategies with options in supply chains, and predictive models for purchasing centralization decisions”

Phil Longstreet
Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship
University of Michigan – Flint
Dissertation: “Towards and understanding of online visual aesthetics: an instantiation of the composition perspective”

Tera Galloway
Illinois State University
Dissertation: “The Role of Governance and Legitimacy on Inter-organizational Relationships: An Examination of Alliance Innovation Strategy, Network Spillover, and Firm Performance”

Nathan Johnson
Management Information Systems
Western Carolina University
Dissertation: “The Pathway to Enterprise Mobile Readiness: Analysis of Perceptions, Pressures, Preparedness, and Progression”

Yibai Li
The University of Scranton
Dissertation: “Social Computing: Concepts, Application, and Theory”

Wen-ling Lu
Western Michigan University
Dissertation: “U.S. Bank Structure, Fragility, Bailout, and Failure during the U.S. Financial Crisis”

Dustin Smith
Webster University
Dissertation: “Corporate Social Responsibility: Examining the Role of Institutional Antecedents, Consumer Reactions, and Social Opportunity Selection”

Xiao Xiao
Management Information Systems
Dissertation: “Post-Adoption Issues Related to Cloud-based Information Systems: A Multi-Method Investigation”

Manja Zidansek
Dissertation: “What Scent Can Do For a Brand: Exploration of Brand-Scent Boundary Conditions”

2012 Graduates

Kevin Chastagner
Management & Operations Science
Dissertation: “Three Essays on Organic and Inorganic Growth in Internationalized Markets”

Chune Young Chung
Dissertation: “Two Essays on leverage, mergers and acquisitions, and institutional investors”

Suparak Janjarasjit
Dissertation: “A moral prospective for understanding evaluators’ responsibility assessment for an act”

Mark Mulder
Pacific Lutheran University
Dissertation: “Three essays on emerging issues in charities: the gifting of charity, what happens when donations are redirected, and the importance of fit and linguistics in encouraging contributions”

Fengchun Tang
Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship
Dissertation: “An integrated understanding of confidence and user calibration in information systems use”

Kainan Wang
The University of Toledo
Dissertation: “Conditional Covariance Modeling and Applications in Mutual Fund Performance Evaluation”

Xuequn Wang
Management, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship
Dissertation: “Validity evidence of formative measurements in MIS and behavioral research”

Washington State University