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Carson College of Business Finance advisory board

Finance advisory board

We thank these individuals for their leadership and expertise in the field of finance.

Kennan Adams 
Senior Investment Analyst
Silver Creek Capital Management

William (Bill) Brady
Managing Director
Brady & Company

Amanda Flynn
Teidemann Advisors

Michael Gaberman
Vice President
Washington Trust Bank Private Banking

John Jakotich
Hyperscale Regional Sales Manger
Micron Technology

John Kilpatrick, Ph.D.
Chairman & Co-Managing Director
Greenfield Advisors LLC

Niki Koubourlis
CEO & Founder
Bold Betties, Inc.

Stacee Kratovil
Wealth Management Advisor
US Bank

Kaycee LeCong
Partner and Advisor
Brighton Jones, LLC

Bob Ledford
Prime Electric

Kristi Lord
Associate Investment Manager
Badgley Phelps Investment Managers

Emilly Muratalla
Vice President, Finance
F5 Networks, Inc.

Thomas Nihoul
Private Wealth Advisor
AGP Wealth Advisors

.Brandon Rosenbaum
Regional Vice President
Ohio National Financial Services

Spencer Shelman 
Portfolio Manager
Palouse Capital Management, Inc

Jeffery Terrill 
Senior Vice President, Wealth Management
Merrill Lynch

Matthew VanBeek
Vice President – Senior Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch

Phillip Vitale
Chief Investment Officer
Filament LLC

Hayden Wieck
Associate Portfolio Manager
Fulcrum Capital, LLC

Washington State University