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Help guide students to success

Industry experts and enterprise leaders are invited to work with Carson College students as mentors.

The importance of mentoring

Succeeding in today’s competitive business environment demands experience and know-how that eludes even the most sophisticated students. Business professionals must learn to manage rapid technological changes, navigate complex financial regulations, outpace global competition, and more.

As a mentor, you can provide guidance and insight to teach soon-to-be professionals and start-up entrepreneurs how to make astute, informed decisions. You make an important contribution to students’ success.

Who can serve as a mentor

To become a mentor, you must be a recognized business leader and role model. Mentoring involves voluntarily advising and coaching WSU students. This is a wonderful opportunity to help students sidestep challenges that you may have encountered early in your career.

What mentors do

  • Participate in a mentoring session. Review background material provided by students and instructors.
  • Flag potential pitfalls. Point out paths that you believe may fail.
  • Foster independence. Encourage mentees to explore alternatives on their own.
  • Stay objective. Keep your advice judgment-free. Resist the temptation to dictate.
  • Listen carefully and communicate clearly. Mentees are likely to take everything you say very seriously.
  • Follow up consistently. Provide guidance and positive encouragement.


To find out more about becoming a mentor, contact:

Suzi Billington
Carson Center for Student Success
(509) 335-0469
Todd 101C

Daniel Kennedy
Career Consultant
Carson Center for Student Success
(509) 335-1591
Todd Hall 101L