Active-duty Capt. Vladi Ivanova, a WSU online MBA student, displays a Cougar flag.

WSU Online MBA Programs Committed to Serving Military Students

By Mia Gleason

Serving those who serve their country is a pledge the WSU Online MBA programs make to their military-affiliated students.

“Whether we are supporting students as they advance in their military careers or as they transition to civilian roles, our mission and honor is to serve those who serve and their families,” says Cheryl Oliver, associate dean for professional programs.

Besides the services offered by the WSU Office of Veterans Affairs, the Online MBA programs hired Air Force veteran Matt Beer in 2018. In his job as military and veteran affairs manager, Beer works with military-affiliated students to ensure the Online MBA programs are responsive to their needs.

“WSU and the Carson College of Business remain committed to investing in military-affiliated students,” Beer says. “Through academic excellence, professional development, and building a strong community among veterans, we continue our commitment to support those who serve as they reach for their professional goals.”

The college’s Online MBA programs have graduated over 275 military-affiliated students including active-duty service members, veterans, spouses, and child dependents since 2013.

Here are stories of students currently in the programs.

Vladi Ivanova, Army

Active-Duty Capt. Vladi Ivanova, who is stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, was born in Bulgaria, and when she was nine years old, her family immigrated to Georgia. Over time, she answered the call to serve her country and joined the Army after college.

“Currently, I work in healthcare administration, and I wanted to make myself more marketable to civilian employers before I separate from the Army,” Ivanova says. “My MBA will allow me to pursue positions with greater responsibility and impact, especially when transitioning from healthcare into another field, such as marketing.”

Ivanova says a big draw to WSU’s Online MBA programs were the flexibility of the courses, and she attributes her success as a student to WSU’s understanding and support of the military experience.

“I was notified three times that I would be deploying to Guam to provide COVID relief, but each deployment was cancelled. Yet my academic advisor, Meghan Steinbeiss, provided excellent advice and understanding regarding my need for flexibility and my graduation date, which made me feel valued,” she says.

In addition, “taking one class at a time allows me to immerse myself completely in the subject instead of forcing me to attempt juggling multiple subjects, work, and my Army duties,” Ivanova says.

The best part of the programs, according to Ivanova, has been the support of the WSU Office of Veterans Affairs and specifically, Matt Beer, she says.

“Matt is helpful, professional, and really wants us to do well, similar to a commander who cares about his troops and is willing to do anything to help,” Ivanova says. “I have not heard of any other programs who have a dedicated individual like him.”


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