Thula Parks – Student Testimonial

Thula Parks_croppedI couldn’t help crying tears of gratitude when I found out I had received two scholarships from the WSU Carson College of Business. As a junior transferring from a community college, I was very anxious about how I would pay for fall semester. Despite finding a part-time job, it just wasn’t enough to cover tuition and books. And I knew from my first visit to Pullman that I wanted to stay at WSU to finish my business degree.

I reached out to the Carson College of Business Center for Student Success for assistance. The Carson Center staff were so friendly and committed to helping me find scholarship support, that soon my emotional and financial burdens were lifted. Without the scholarships, I wouldn’t be at WSU pursuing the education that is so important to me.

I chose management and information systems as my career path because of the unlimited opportunities in the field, which will draw on my strengths in accounting, math, and technology. Even though I love Washington state, I see myself working for a company in California, in order to be closer to my family. Ultimately, I want to use my degree to make an impact on people’s lives.

If I could, I would say “thank you” a million times to the donors, faculty, staff, and especially to my Carson College advisor, who have supported my journey to become a business professional. I love the caring people at WSU, and I’m so grateful to be here. When I have an opportunity to give back to WSU and the Carson College of Business, I will definitely contribute to scholarships so that paying for school is not the determining factor preventing others like me, who are willing to learn and improve themselves, from attending college. I believe it is all about Cougs helping Cougs. Please take a moment to send your gift today!