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Carson College of Business Christine Sizemore

Christine Sizemore

On-Campus Recruitment Lead

Christine Sizemore

  • Management Information Systems major
  • Graduating Class of Fall 2018

Why did you volunteer to be an ambassador?

o   I volunteer because I love helping people. It has always been a passion of mine and it brings me joy. I wanted to be an Ambassador because I wanted to become more involved with the Carson College of Business, I also have known a few Ambassadors and really admired their knowledge of the Carson College and their ability to help students further advance themselves through the Carson Center Services. I also wanted to be an Ambassador so that I can apply my leadership skills and become a representative of the Carson College of Business.

What do you like about the Carson College of Business?

o   What I like about the Carson College of Business is that those working for the Carson College of Business are always finding new ways to provide students with the tools they need to succeed in the business world, such as resumes workshops, mock interviews and more. I also really like that the Carson College of Business is always striving to make services such as those workshops and advising easier and more convenient for students, such as sending reminder emails, and having online scheduling to make an appointment with any adviser and by having walk in adviser hours. Overall I really like how the Carson College of Business works and cares deeply about helping all students achieve their goals.

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