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Carson College of Business Carson College of Business Ambassadors – About Our Program

Our Purpose

Carson College of Business Ambassadors

About Our Program:

The Carson College of Business (CCB) Student Ambassador Program is a Registered Student Organization created by individuals motivated by a common desire to serve their college through recruiting, retaining, and educating a robust and accomplished population of students within The Carson College of Business. The ambassador program serves to edify and cultivate professional, approachable, ethical, and knowledgeable student representatives for the Washington State University Carson College of Business. The ambassador program brings a brand recognition to the Carson College of Business by engaging in promotional events, marketing videos, and internal programs, helping current and future Carson College Cougs to find their home while revealing the resources the college has to offer.


What We Do:

  • Recruiting Visits with prospective students interested in business
  • Messages to students declaring an “interest” in business to provide student perspective
  • Emphasize opportunities and resources available to prospective business students through tours of Todd Hall
  • Promote campus and Carson College Initiatives
  • Study Abroad Experiences presentation in class
  • Carson Center events-Dress for Success, Involvement Fair, Workshops, etc.
  • Promotional Materials for Carson College
  • Host and engage guests and visitors
  • Donors
  • Recruiters and company representatives
  • Advisory Board
  • Attend receptions, dinners, events where student presence is requested
  • Attend External Events and showcases
  • Industry Tours
  • CougsFirst!
  • Power Breakfast
  • Other Industry Specific Events
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